Vision & Mission

Group of students posing on the playground

Vision: As a diverse community of scholars, Florida Pitt Waller will build a strong school culture with continuity of instruction from ECE to 8th grade and a commitment to achievement.

Mission: Florida Pitt Waller ECE-8 empowers students to compete in any of our nation’s top high schools, colleges, and the world beyond.

Early Literacy

Teachers will analyze a literacy body of evidence on a monthly basis to identify trends, and determine and define next steps needed to increase student literacy proficiency. Teachers will complete a tracker which will reflect an increased amount of students moving to proficiency on a consistent basis. During goal setting, teachers will identify students by name and will study the data for those students and create action plans specific to those targeted students.

Standards Mastery

Success will look like teachers having a full understanding of the CCSS demands and will be able to analyze data to identify specific needs of students in order to grow in proficiency levels. Teachers will participate in a team level specific/ILT directed book study of the CCSS Companion which will increase their expertise on CCSS and its expectations and strategies to increase proficiency levels. Teachers will progress monitor the standards mastery of 2-3 high leverage power standards

Whole Child
  • We will increase our parent engagement through improved, intentional communication with parents regarding the academic and social emotional needs/growth of students (Whole Child) and creating increased, improved academic events for parents to engage in with students. At least 70% of our parents will report that they feel increasingly valued and informed (via exit surveys) due to our improved parent engagement opportunities.
  • The parent engagement opportunities will also include social emotional guidance, such as information on bullying, social media, parenting, love and logic, what is special education, etc.

We will instruct on character education once a day and have core value celebrations monthly to recognize students who are consistently working to make our school better.

PBIS (Positive Behavior Incentive Systems) Committee

Utilizing our PBIS Committee, we will track the rate of behavior referrals and identify patterns and areas to intentionally target with school wide focus. Our PBIS team will infiltrate the staff and provide resources, support, etc.


We will implement a daily, building wide culture of mindfulness lessons and activities daily for a total of 20 minutes a day (twice daily). We will track the effectiveness of this on a monthly basis.