Principal’s Message

Greetings Florida Pitt Waller Students, Staff and Parents,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year! I am very excited to serve all of you in my second year as your principal and 4th year as school leader at our amazing school! Last school year was a most successful one at every level; academically, athletically and as a school community. As great as the last school year was for FPW, the 2018-19 school year has the potential to be even better. To do this, your continued help, leadership and support will be needed!

Looking back at our previous school years we have much to celebrate and be thankful for!

As we await final results of our academic outcomes for the 17-18 school year, I can speak with confidence on behalf of the IMPRESSIVE early literacy results this year! We reduced the amount of our tier 3 (struggling readers) students and consistently increased the amount of students in tier 1 (at/above grade level).

Our teachers participated in year-long professional development and implementation of Guided Reading best practices. This implementation allowed for teachers to sit with students in an intimate setting and get to know their literacy strengths and areas to target for improvement.

Our middle school teachers executed their data teams with remarkable determination to analyze student work and identify the mass critical error, which allowed for them to target re-teach lessons for students to show tremendous growth.

During the 2018-2019 school year, I look forward to a renewed focus on the work we do with our students, socially and emotionally. We will be employing mindfulness and Random Acts of Kindness curriculum this year, as well as revamping our PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) systems. We also will be welcoming our amazing new Dean of Student Services, Candace Walker, to her new position and she has already made a tremendously positive impact on our staff, students and parents at FPW!

This year, our girls’ softball team made it to the playoffs and tied for division! Our boys’ and girls’ basketball teams also made it to the playoffs! Our boys’ soccer team made the playoffs and tied for division!  All of our teams and coaches put forth 110% effort!

Our school continues to value the opportunities we have to consistently connect with our community. This year, we celebrated our incredible families with our annual Father-Son luncheon, annual Father-Daughter dance, Principal’s Snack and Chats, Principal’s Parent Focus Group, Elementary and Middle School awards ceremonies, Cinco de Mayo performance and celebration, Black History Month performance and celebration, Multi-Cultural Fair, FPW Carnival, Middle School Debates, Thanksgiving Dinner Give-Aways, over 3,500 pairs of shoes were donated for countries impacted by natural disasters, our middle school visit to Washington, DC, and so much more!

This year, we will continue to also focus on our Mission and Vision –

Our Mission:
Florida Pitt Waller ECE-8 empowers students to compete in any of our nation’s top high schools, colleges, and the world beyond.

Our Vision:
As a diverse community of scholars, Florida Pitt Waller will build a strong school culture with continuity of instruction from ECE to 8th grade and a commitment to achievement.

Our 2 Drivers at FPW are:


We explicitly define our culture.

We consistently live our culture.

We hold each other accountable for maintaining our culture.

Standards Mastery

Plan – We plan with a strong understanding of Common Core Standards.

Implement – We implement highly engaging educational experiences. 

Reflect – We reflect and adjust our instruction by making data informed decisions.


I invite you to come visit our building, volunteer, and find your unique and valuable place in our FPW family!

I am looking forward to another amazing school year in service to our students, parents and community. 

Best to you all,

Mrs. Grayson-Yizar