Cleo Clausell-Holmes
Kindergarten Full Day



My name is Cleopatra Clausell-Holmes and teaching is an absolute passion of mine. I am married with two dogs (who I refer to as my boys) one named Szymba (Simba) and the other Nmiri. Anyhow, I attended the University of Northern Colorado, and have been at Florida Pitt Waller for the past five years. I was born in raised in Denver, Colorado, and have attended Denver Public Schools since kindergarten.

Teaching has been my dream ever since second grade and I am extremely excited to have my dream come true. I have had amazing mentors, teachers and guidance through my educational journey (including Florida Pitt Waller’s daughter, and our school ambassador Mrs. Jane Pigford). During my free time you can catch me at the movies, shopping, hiking, spending time with family or at home watching Netflix.