Megan Dineen



Megan has been teaching for 4 years. She started at Florida Pitt Waller as a long term sub in second grade, taught second grade as a full time teacher last year, and this year she moved up looping with her former students to third grade. Megan is from The Woodlands, Texas, went to college at Texas Christian University, and worked in second grade in Fort Worth before moving to Colorado three years ago. Her family lives all over the world. Her parents are in San Francisco, her brother Brian with his wife Mariana and her niece Sophia are in New York City, and her other brother Sean with his wife Daniela and two kids Sebastian and Olivia are in Hong Kong. Traveling to see her family is one of her favorite things to do.

She also enjoys playing with her puppy charlie, spending time with friends and family, hiking and going on mountain getaways, dancing and singing karaoke, and making her students laugh. Megan is thrilled to be moving up to third grade and enjoying another great year at Florida Pitt Waller.