Maria Lanyon
Kindergarten Full Day Teacher



My name is Maria Del Pilar Lanyon. I am the First Grade Teacher at Florida Pitt Waller School. I am very proud of being the teacher of these wonderful First Graders. I am looking forward to work with you and your child during the school year to reach their academic goals.
I have been teaching for over ten years now, mostly first and second grades. I have been working in Denver Public Schools for all of this time, and I enjoy teaching my students all of the most important areas of the curriculum, such as Math, Science, Reading, and Writing. I have a master’s in Education from Phoenix University and a bachelor from Maryland University with a major in Business. Although, I had worked as a business personnel manager previously, I decided to become a teacher after teaching Spanish grammar to seniors in a High School. I liked the experience and decided to change my professional career to teach Early Childhood.
I have been in different countries in the world, such as Mexico, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and the North of Africa. I love to travel and learn about different cultures and how people live in their countries. I hope I can keep travelling in the near future to learn more about our world and people.
I also love Colorado for its beautiful nature and the wonderful people that you find in this state. I am glad that we are going to work together to help your children reach all of their academic goals, and I am looking forward to meet with you during the parent-teacher conferences and special events, so we can discuss your children’s progress.